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EastEnders actress officially opens new Seva Care office in Harrow

EastEnders actress officially opens new Seva Care office in Harrow, report by Bruce Thain. To read please click here.

Our new site`s address is:
378 Station Road, Harrow HA1 2DE


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Our Fashion and Talent Show

The Fashion and Talent Show took place at the Seva Day Centre in Sudbury Hill on the 1st May 2014.

Service Users were preparing and practicing for months to put a fantastic show together.

More than 10 outfits, several art works were presented along with 10 individual performances.

Here are some of the interviews from the performers

What did you do?
•Dancing to Beyonce
•Cat walking- I wore a red skirt that I made with fabric

What did you like about it?
•It was nice
•I liked the food
•I liked dancing
•I liked making the skirt

  What would you like to add?
•More people doing the cat walk
•Would like to sing
•More dancing

What did you do?
How did you find it?
•It was alright.
•I enjoyed myself
•I liked the music
•I liked the presentation

 What would you like to add?
•More singing
•Would like to dance
•More people

Review by Gavin (senior support worker): ”The Fashion show went really well, I would like to thank everyone involved. I liked the fashion show, the dancing and the art display. This has been an exciting experience for me and I cannot wait to be involved in the next event”.

Review by Banky (senior support worker): “We started up by customising tops- t-shirts, bags and skirts. We then continued fashion trends on the internet and we did purchase our sewing machine in March 2014.
We had several shopping trips to Ealing Road for fabric shopping. We started checking out different patterns and cutting patterns from magazines.
We trained clients on how to use the tape measurement and the use of sewing machine, and then proceed to learning how to cut fabric. Client made their tops, skirts and dresses from the fabric with staff support. We had the fashion in May 3rd 2014 and it was a success”.



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1st May – Fashion and Talent Show at Sudbury Day Centre

Seva Care would like invite you to the Fashion and Talent Show, which will be held at our Resource Centre in Sudbury Hill.

Date: Thursday 1st  May 2014

Time: 11am to 12.30pm

Venue: Ambassador House

2 Cavendish Avenue



For more information please click here or contact Emma Bains, manager on 0208422 2999


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Compliment for the Homecare Department

We proudly would like to share a recently received email…



Sent: 18 February 2014 19:37

Subject: for attention of Sudbury Hill, Harrow office


Dear Sir /Madam,


Following a review meeting at last Friday, I’d like to put in writing the points I made at that time regarding two of your carers.

Firstly, you won’t be surprised to hear how happy we are that Pat has returned to work. She is an exceptional carer and has been sorely missed during the last few weeks and months. We feel very lucky indeed to have such a caring and skillful person working with our Mum. Her visits to Mum’s home, make a major difference not just to our Mum but to all of us.

I would also like to mention another carer, Claire, who visited my Mum on a couple of occasions during Pat’s absence.

On one of these visits the thoughtful and calm manner in which she worked, almost certainly prevented a serious incident from occurring. During this visit, Claire reported to her supervisors that she was unhappy about my Mum’s situation. I was alerted to this and Clare would not leave the home until I had arrived and was able to reassure her that I could now manage the situation. During the time that I met Clare I was impressed by the way that she dealt with the problem and then followed it up. She knew exactly what to do, did not overreact and was able to resolve a potentially difficult situation. Claire demonstrated a high level of caring skills.


I hope this is useful to you.


Yours sincerely,

Geoff Carr



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Do you want to live


Would you like to have a place of your own or

Are you looking to develop your  independent living skills?


If so, let Seva Care help you with this important transition

At our Transition Training Flat located in our

Hayes Resource Centre. 

The transition from teenager to adult can be difficult, Seva Care Group can assist with this through our transition training flat based at our Hayes Resource Centre.  The training flat is purposely set up to assist with the pathway towards Independent Living, our staff will give support on:


  • Cleaning;
  • Sorting and washing clothes;
  • Loading a washing machine;
  • Ironing;
  • Vacuuming;
  • Bedmaking;
  • Storing food shopping;
  • How to store food in the fridge;
  • Washing up/stacking dishes;
  • Kitchen and bathroom hygiene;


Money management

  • Budgeting;
  • Paying bills;


Meal planning and preparation

  • Basic meal preparation – sandwich, salad etc;
  • How to make a cup of tea or coffee;
  • How to plan your meals;
  • Shopping – reading labels;
  • How to follow a receipe;
  • Safety in cooking;
  • Cooking;
  • Healthy eating;


Self Care

  • Personal care;
  • Personal safety;
  • How to book appointments with the doctor, dentist etc;
  • Healthy lifestyle;