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Seva Care Group
Seva Care Group
Seva Care Group

On receiving a referral from the council, we carry out an assessment and provide the council with recommendations and costing. Once an agreement has been reached with the authority, we devise a transition plan according to the individual’s requirements.


Transition is a gradual process of introducing and moving you into your new home. You could be moving from a hospital, a residential home, a supported living accommodation or from your own home.


Transitions could take few days or few weeks until you are comfortable in your new home. Seva will make the transition as smooth as possible. We will use tested methods and experienced staff to support the transition.


Every transition is different, but you might be typically invited to your new home for tea, lunch, dinner, overnight and weekend visits. At these visits you will be encouraged to bring some of your personal belongings with you so gradually over time you move from your current accommodation to your new home and also get used to your new home.


During the transition you will have the opportunity to participate in various activities. By being able to participate the transition you will be ready to enjoy these fully as soon as you have moved in to your new home.


Seva staff will visit your current accommodation during different times of the day so we can get a better understanding of your routine, likes and dislikes so that the required arrangements can be made at your new home.


One of the Seva staff will be allocated to you as your Key Worker and that person will be the main point of contact for you, your family and other professionals who may be involved in your move to your new home.